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Careers In Homeopathy

´╗┐Homeopathy Training (HT) is the voice of homeopathy training
and education in the UK

HT is a regulator of homeopathy education in the UK. We work closely with the professional bodies and other relevant parties, in order to deliver a high standard of homeopathy training.

Our aim is to promote excellence in the profession whilst continuing to uphold the philosophy and principles inherent in homeopathy.

We promote high standards of education and training in homeopathy, and are actively engaged in the ongoing evaluation and development of these standards.

HT facilitates and maintains dialogue between members, and allows members to be represented in all forums which affect education and training in homeopathy. This ensures that the group influences and informs policies and procedures relating to the profession.

HT has a collaborative approach to working with regulators, registers and other organisations relevant to the homeopathy profession. The collective experience of all the training providers working together helps to ensure that we implement regulations and standards which are appropriate to the practise of homeopathy.

Membership to the HT is open to all UK homeopathy training providers whose graduates meet the registration standards of the professional bodies listed here.