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Amanda Biggs

Recently Graduated

“I have been a cranial sacral therapist and Shamanic worker for 10 years and homeopathy kind of crept up on me throughout this time I think. I hadn’t experienced homeopathy for myself but working in a similar field I would often refer patients to a homeopath when I felt they needed something else. I didn’t have a great deal of knowledge beyond acute remedies but I knew it had a lot to offer.

When I decided I wanted to learn another therapy, homeopathy was the obvious choice for me. My training was held at the same college where I had studied anatomy and physiology so it had always been on my ‘radar’ as a place to go to find homeopathy training.

I have just finished my studies and I’m not in a massive hurry; I feel it’s really important to sit with all my learning and try and consolidate what is a huge amount of information and personal development. Homeopathy is such a massive subject and I don’t think anyone realises just how much it will change you when you embark on the training – obviously for the better, but the impact it has on you spiritually and emotionally shouldn’t be underestimated, so I’m happy to go gently with myself for a while.

It is a beautiful and amazing subject which has given me a fascinating window to look at the world in a completely different way and I am really grateful for that. I find myself more able to receive what story people tell me in my endeavour to find the appropriate remedy to help them; it is both nurturing and interesting but not without hard work and effort.

I don’t think I realised how much the study of homeopathy would take over my life in the most amazing way. It requires commitment but it is so wonderfully rewarding.

For me, supervision has been key in keeping me on track and I couldn’t imagine practising without it; there is nothing quite like that special professional relationship with a fellow practitioner who understands all your struggles and challenges and can advise and support you emotionally and practically.

I think the demands homeopathy places on you depends a lot on any other ties you have in your life; obviously trying to juggle work and study can be tricky but it can also give you grounding and balance. Being realistic about the level of commitment required from you prepares you to make sure your own needs are met, especially in terms of self reflection and self care and that needs dedicated time to keep you healthy and effective.

I take time to make space for myself and I know where I need to go when I need support; it’s sometimes difficult for practitioners to ask for help. The therapeutic process can be so lovely and sweet but also very demanding and we need to encourage each other in this beautiful path and take care of each other.