Dr Helen Beaumont

I’m Dr Helen Beaumont and I’m a homeopathic physician. I started off really in general practice but now I do mainly homeopathy. I’m passionate also about education so I’m a teacher of homeopathy in Bristol. I have a private homeopathic practice here in the West Midlands, and I am also the president of the Faculty of Homeopathy.

I’d been in general practice for about 8 years and I just had a feeling there was something missing. I saw this course for homeopathy, and at that time I didn’t know much about homeopathy at all. But I went off to an introductory study day and I was sold. I was so impressed with the way you looked at everything that was important to the patient and worked that all into your treatment.

I started studying in 1995, but the more passionate and the more keen I got; I decided I wanted to focus on it as a career path. I took the very brave step of resigning my partnership in general practice, and I now do full time homeopathy and I love it. I have quite a portfolio but the backbone is seeing patients. So often, when we were in conventional medicine, patients would come in with an illness, and they would go home with a disease. I think it’s really getting to understand the patients, really understanding their story, knowing them as a whole person, the things that are important to them, the things that are affecting them and how their illness has affected them.

I had a little boy the other day that was about 4 months old who had the most florid, nasty eczema that I have ever seen. He’d seen a dermatologist, he’d had steroid creams and nothing was making any difference. I saw him back in 4 weeks and his skin was beautiful; his skin looked lovely. His mother said, “Look I’ve got my happy baby back.”

My favourite thing with being a homeopath is really the difference I make to an individual’s life. Really, really fascinating and very stimulating and challenging.

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