Jenny Grist

’m Jenny Grist and I’m a homeopath. I’ve been qualified for thirteen years, and I have been practicing in my home in Devon all that time. In a way, I am a destination homeopath. People come to the farm here in the peace and quiet of the Devon countryside.

I got into homeopathy when I went to see a homeopath myself and at the time I knew nothing about homeopathy. She involved me in the process of how she chose a remedy for me and I found that completely fascinating, so I started reading about homeopathy. The best thing about being a homeopath is the job satisfaction, obviously from treating people and seeing them get better. One of the real joys of homeopathy is hearing a patient tell me how they got to where they are at that moment they come to see me. To then be able to recognise all the symptoms in them that relate specifically to the homeopathic remedy that I am then going to give to them gives me such a great feeling.

Being self-employed gives me a lot of flexibility in how I run my homeopathic practice. I love the way I can actually create my daily life around what I need to do each day – as well as what I need for myself.

Being a homeopath can be quite intense at times, and sometimes other homeopaths like to balance it with doing something else as well. You don’t have to be a full-time homeopath; you can be flexible with your own lifestyle. Since I qualified in 2002, I’ve worked full time as a homeopath ever since. I think that is quite unusual, but for me, I’ve always been very single minded about what I am doing.

I think that homeopathy is the most fascinating subject there is, because it encompasses everything. It’s so interesting. When someone new first comes into my consulting room, I have no idea what it is that they are going to need.

I do training of homeopaths and I also supervise student homeopaths. Quite often they ask me if I think they can make a reasonable living out of working as a homeopath. It’s something that requires some thought. I am a full time homeopath; it is the only way that I make my money and I have been able to live for the last 13 years quite adequately as a homeopath.

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