Kiran Grover

I’m Kiran Grover and I am a practicing homeopath in London. I work for a multidisciplinary clinic where I like working with other people and we have great reception staff here. I love being a homeopath because I love seeing my patients getting better.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be unwell; you want to get better as soon as possible to feel healthy and vital again. I also enjoy the aspect of picking and choosing when I work; it’s not 9 to 5 and it’s not commuter rush hour. I work at weekends, I do evening sessions, I do Skype sessions and I can also work in a way that supports my family financially. But I can still make it to my children’s nativity plays and I can still pick them up from school. It works for me personally and it works for my family as well.

Before working in homeopathy, I had a career in Whitehall and I enjoyed it very much, particularly when I worked on food, farming and sustainability. However, I didn’t feel I was using the skills that I have within communication, things like empathy; all these kind of sort of warmer skills that some of us have. I wanted to be able to communicate at a one-to-one level and so that’s why I decided to train in homeopathy.

When I started training in homeopathy it was amazing. I was in a community of like-minded people who were into the green agenda, sustainability and clean living. There were young people, people in their sixties, there were men, there were women, there was a pharmacist, there was a nurse and there were mothers who had been at home looking after children who were coming back into work. All had a shared interest in homeopathy. Knowing that I was going to college and I was going to be with like- minded people energised me. We had wonderful teaching staff with great lectures, where I just soaked up all that energy – it was great fun and I loved it! I started to get an understanding of the depth and richness of homeopathy, not just in terms of remedies, but also in terms of how you can prescribe.

There are also different ways you can prescribe to suit more modern lifestyles as well. I also learnt about anatomy, physiology and pathology that gave me a greater understanding of how the body works and functions. I learnt to marry that all up in homeopathy and obviously to look at the emotional and mental side of things, not divorcing that from the physical side.

If someone is considering homeopathy as a career, I would very much encourage it and I’d say go for it. It’s been the best decision I have made. It’s really exciting and you will meet brilliant people on your course where you will learn a whole new way of looking at things and how you can help people. And that feeling you will get from it is immeasurable.

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