Liliana Bellini

My name is Liliana Bellini and I have been a homeopath for 11 years. I chose a career in homeopathy because 16 years ago we lost somebody very special and very close in our family. And through the grief and the pain, something started to grow within me, and that was the desire to find alternative ways to take care of my loved ones and their well-being. I gradually moved them away from conventional medicine, and we have never looked back.

I loved homeopathy so much I decided to train at the Centre for Homeopathic Education. And I really loved every minute of it. Our teachers came from all walks of life and they were incredibly inspiring. I chose to study part time as I had a young family back then. The learning of this system takes into account every little detail of the person. For a while I would go to bed with my piles of books on remedies, which we call Materia Medica. It’s great.

I treated my first patient while I was still a student, and she came with her daughter who had eczema. She was really struggling and she was suffering. I remember doing all the lectures on eczema actually around that time, which was quite handy. I took on this patient and gradually her skin healed beautifully. That was wonderful for a student to kind of experience and they do encourage you to take more patients as you study, so it’s great.

Now I am freelancing in the pharmacy and I have my practice at home where I skype all the time. It’s a full time job with the flexibility that I wish to have and then you earn money as well. Then it becomes your career, your job and it’s great. Homeopathy had nothing to do with what I was doing before. I have a background in fine arts, and it’s been a wonderful journey and it’s still unfolding. I don’t know where it’s going to take me but I’ve loved being a homeopath, and I love what I do.

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