Max Mainini

My name is Max Mainini, I studied to be a hotel manager in my teens and in my mid thirties I wanted to make a career change. I was looking to find something that would actually make a real difference in peoples lives. Natural medicine has always interested me. I’ve been fascinated by it from when I was a small child, and homeopathy was a perfect fit for me.

If someone is thinking about becoming a homeopath, they need to find a good college to do the study. I chose a college which was very close to me and also had a very, very good reputation. And that was the College of Practical Homeopathy. We learnt obviously all the homeopathic philosophy, but we learnt anatomy and physiology as well. The thing that stood out clearly for me during the training was how homeopathy embraces that holistic approach so you get to understand the person you are treating, why they are experiencing what they are, and then you treat it from that individual perspective. I love that, and that’s what you learn from the very beginning.

I remember when I first qualified, one of the people that came in for treatment was suffering from chronic insomnia, fatigue and chronic headaches. Because of the approach of homeopathy, I managed to find out that all these symptoms started when the person’s mother had died and they hadn’t come to terms with the grief. And these symptoms were absolutely related to that. Once I started treatment,all the symptoms disappeared in a few weeks. that case gave me great confidence, especially in the early stages to know what a difference I could make with such a wonderful system of medicine.

There are different approaches to make a living as a homeopath; one of them is to do it part time but I chose to practice full time. My practice is full and people come through referrals because when people get better they speak to their friends and then their friends come along because they trust what their friends have shared with them. And when they find the results that work for them, and they will start to think of homeopathy as a first choice for healthcare.

Homeopathy has many advantages, one of the great benefits for me is that whenever I am ill or members of my family are ill we have homeopathy as a first point of call and that’s what I like.

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