Sarah Hemsley RSHom

My name is Sarah Hemesley, and I am a registered homeopath. I have been a homeopath for over 25 years. Previously I was in mental health and found it stressful and unfulfilling, and I went to a homeopath for my own health reasons during that time. Homeopathy was so successful for me that I decided to re-train and become a homeopath myself. To become a homeopath I did a four year course and then became registered. It’s a very in-depth study and it’s absolutely fascinating. It brings in all aspects about what you think about life and how people experience traumas and events in their lives. The language people use is very important. How people describe things and event in their lives is unique to them and that’s the basis of how you will prescribe different remedies to help each individual.

When you finished the course, the college provides support and supervision, and helps you to find a clinic and a space to practice and that’s absolutely brilliant. To make a living as a homeopath means you can be very versatile with the hours you work. You can be your own boss and practice from home or a clinic. I am lucky enough to work here, from a homeopathic pharmacy. We are all professional homeopaths here. There is a great sense of community where we can share and discuss remedies and cases and support each other. What I love the most about homeopathy is its versatility and its range that gives me the ability to help people in all sorts of situations.

One particular interest of mine is mental health and I remember a case I had of a young woman who was extremely anxious; very afraid of going out and living her life. Through remedies I was able to help her on her road to recovery. It’s a very heart warming and poignant experience for me as a homeopath to be able to help this way. I really love that. This is a professional therapy and it is a fascinating job and as such, it is something that you will want to do for a lifetime.

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