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Sonaz Taleghani

2nd year student, World of Light Clinic

“I am currently half way through a four-year foundation course studying astrology at the World of Light Clinic which is affiliated to the School of Shamanic Homoeopathy in London. The aim of the school is to run courses for a new style of spiritual homoeopathy, with an integrated approach teaching herbalism, homoeopathy, flower essences, crystals, starlight elixirs, spiritual healing, meditation, astrology and shamanism.

I was surprised to find myself on this course considering my background is in fine art painting and my previous career in marketing for a big firm in London didn’t really engage my spiritual side. However, I love to study and am always looking for opportunities to learn about new things; it’s what makes me tick, so finding this course has been an amazing experience so far.

I love this approach and methodology; it’s such a holistic overview that it appeals to my questioning nature and makes the prospect of studying for four years so exciting. There’s a lot of information exploring organ function and it has been great to delve into the more spiritual/esoteric side of the body.

I never considered becoming a homeopath and certainly not prescribing for others but I was doing a lot of work on myself and during the course of that healing process I found myself here. As I tried to search for answers on the internet and the frustrations I encountered along the way, made me realise that natural medicine was more appropriate for me and my desire to learn more grew from there.

I don’t know where this journey will take me but I am passionate about educating and empowering people in their own healing. I am slowly building my own homeopathic ‘pharmacy’ which means I have the tools to practice and as I expand my own awareness of homeopathy, the more I realise how deep and profound the full spectrum of homeopathic responses can be. I wish everyone could experience this!

I don’t think I was prepared for the impact this training has had on me and my whole life; it has made me look at areas of my childhood and completely reassess my life which is very powerful. I was always used to dealing with things on my own and I hadn’t considered any other way before but studying homeopathy has given me the opportunity to look more deeply into other approaches. I do believe supervision is vital to support you along the way as lots of things you hadn’t even realised were important to you come up.

I guess there will be lots more issues to address as I carry on with study and as you approach the many crossroads you face while training, each one will hopefully make me a better practitioner!”